What to expect from a daily sex: 30-Day Sex Challenge

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Daily intimate relations are able to restore the honeymoon-like relationship and boost immunity.

Sex is one of those pleasures that at first seem to be incredibly sweet and inspiring, but which over time tend to fade out. Experienced lovers often prefer quiet vacation together or just a good sleep to hot passions.

There are many reasons to a poor libido. Statistics allow judging about the importance of the problem. Thus, 15 to 20% of American couples have sex less than 10 times a year, which is defined as “sexless marriage”. Such asexuality may bring a number of physiological and psychological problems.

But what happens if you don’t succumb to fatigue and don’t give in to the relationship that tends to cool down, but instead you have sex every day, as if your honeymoon was just over? Some people have tried.

Sex trials

In general, the 30-Day Sex Challenge has been quite popular in recent years among long-term American and European couples. The Internet offers many reports. One of them can be found on the website BuzzFeed.

Three couples, who decided to participate in the experiment, set a goal to find out whether daily sex can improve their relationships and well-being. Spoiler: the results turned out to be inconsistent.

The volunteers acknowledged that the 30-day sex marathon was not an easy thing to do, and no one in the end wanted to continue it after completion of the experiment. Although, they all reported about improved bonds and a warmer relationship within their couples. They start to look at their lives from a different, brighter perspective.

One of the most detailed reports was published by an American Kirsty Carpenter. She not only described her experience, but also gave it an analysis. Some of her findings were quite surprising.

Reasons to start

Kirsty was motivated to volunteer for this experiment by the book of an American minister Paul Wirth «30Daysexchallenge: A Journey To Intimacy.” He wrote this book, reflecting on the reasons for the impressive number of divorces filed in the United States.

Wirth came to the following conclusion: to have a stable relationship, one needs not only spiritual and emotional bonds, but also sexual ones.

Kirsty was impressed by this book. By that time, she has been in a relationship for more than four and a half years, and the passion in her couple predictably cooled off. Like everyone else, Kirsty and her boyfriend M. experienced problems because of what sex was rare – no more than once a month. After attempts to improve their relationship, the number of times they have sex plateaued at about once a week.

Impressed by the divorce statistics, and not willing to become one of them, Kirsty decided to go with her partner through a 30-day trial and see what happens.

Things were not smooth. When she and M have agreed upon a start date, Kirsty ended up in the hospital with appendicitis crisis. It took her three weeks to recover after the surgery, so when doctors finally gave their “go” Kirsty and her boyfriend were thrilled and rushed under the blanket.

This somehow affected the circumstances of the experiment as it was assumed that the partners would embark on the 30-day sex journey, being somewhat tired of each other.

However, Carpenter was not going to abandon the idea. When the false start was forgotten, she started the experiment again. This time, without informing M.

Week One: the illusion of imperfection

How everything happened

M. noticed something unusual only on the fourth day. Prior to that, daily sex, apparently, seemed quite normal. Though, Kirsty was concerned with her look: when in bed, she was constantly trying to cover up her scar with her hand, thinking it looks unattractive in her partner’s eyes. But it didn’t.

Surprisingly, M. didn’t pay any attention to the physical flaw of his partner. He simply didn’t notice it.

And the result

That’s when Kirsty realized an important fact (by the way, this was confirmed by scientific research).

Very often, women unconsciously no longer want to have sex for the sole reason that they think to be unattractive. They think their body is “fat”, “disproportionate”, “imperfect.” However men, simply don’t notice this “imperfection” since in the intimate moments they, like M., focus on completely different things.

Bottom line

Sex is exactly where you can relax and accept yourself for who you are. Relaxing, releasing our insecurities, we not only enjoy the process more, but also increase our self-esteem.

Week Two: the effect of novelty

How everything happened

After seven days of daily sex the couple was somehow bored, they felt like taking a break. But Kirsty was determined to solve this problem so she decided to add more diversity in their sex.

And the result

Couple migrated from their matrimonial bed. They tried alternative places of their home: the kitchen table, the couch in the living room, even the carpet in the hallway.

Bottom line

The effect of novelty stimulates sexual desire. Our brain is the biggest sexual organ, therefore it is important to constantly keep it curios. What if we tried this? And how about that? Or let’s do it differently? If you give free rein to your explorer’s instinct, the sex marathon won’t be that difficult to continue.

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Week Three: the rediscovery of love

How everything happened

Kirsty was the first one who noticed an unusual behavior: in the morning after a night of passionate sex she wanted to let M. the opportunity to get more sleep. Therefore, she kept putting the alarm clock on snooze again and again. Compared to the first day of the marathon, passion subsided, while the desire to care about the partner was getting stronger.

And the result

M. mirrored Kirsty’s attitude. The clear sign was his phrase: “What I want is not sex. I just want to be closer to you in bed. ” According to Carpenter this is exactly how she felt during the honeymoon. It seemed these almost-forgotten feelings were back into their lives. Kirsty wanted to have sex with M. again and again.

Bottom line

Studies show that only 15% of women experience physiological desire for sex. But every third requires motivation for arousal. The motivation could be warm feelings towards the partner. “I seem to be part of this category of women,” – said Kirsty.

Week Four: resuscitation of sexual relationships

How everything happened

Realizing that the sex-marathon was coming to an end, the couple was keen as ever before. They resorted to experiments, watched porn. Furthermore, M. and Kirsten had sex in the car while driving to see friends.

And the result

By the end of the 30-day experiment, both were quite exhausted by. The first night after the marathon Kirsty and M. no longer wanted sex. They just wanted to lie in each other’s arms instead. “I was sure that we will take at least a week break, we were so exhausted, – says Kirsty. But instead, we made love again just two days after”.

Bottom line

Daily lovemaking can indeed improve the emotional bonds inside the couple. Sometimes, all that a relationship needs to recover its former perfection, is such sex resuscitation. At the very least, that was the conclusion made my Kirsty.

Bonuses for the body

Keeping a warm and loving relationship inside your couple, accepting your own body are only some of the bonuses that a sex marathon can give you. It is has been scientifically proven that regular sex can:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%.
  2. Improve immunity.
  3. Become an alternative to a medium intensity workout, impacting the weight and the muscle condition.
  4. Reduce pain of various origins, including headache and PMS pain.
  5. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.
  6. Improve sleep due to increased production of the oxytocin – relaxation hormone.

All of the above means that sex is not just medicine for the soul, but also for the body. A treatment course can become a perfect way to solve a lot of life problems.
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