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Many men are unhappy with the size of their penises. In fact, small size of the penis impairs male’s self-esteem and affects confidence. Modern science has evolved many penis enlargement methods to help males overcome their inferiority complex. How high is their effectiveness? How to enlarge the size of penis with their help?

How to increase penis size naturally?

What penis size is considered normal? There is no uniform standard. However, it’s believed that normal Indian penis size starts from 15 cm when erect. Any smaller size can be deemed as abnormality. Besides, not many females will be satisfied with this size. It’s well-known that a woman receives the brightest emotions with a man who has a long and thick penis.

Even if Mother Nature didn’t endow you with a big penis, you can handle this issue. Thankfully, there is a huge variety of methods. Let’s mention the most popular ones.

  1. Jelqing
  2. Surgery
  3. Stretching with pendants
  4. Pharmacological penis enlargement
  5. Pump and extender
  6. Gels, ointments and creams for penis enlargement
  7. Enlargement sleeves
  8. Diet

The best results are achieved when a combination of several methods is used. They have to be used every day for 1-6 months.

Foods that increase penis size

How to grow penis size with foods? You should keep in mind that foods themselves can’t make your penis bigger. But they can boost sexual potency tenfold!

These foods are able to increase the levels of testosterone in your body and increase potency.

  1. Dairy products. They contain protein – a building material for all organs and tissues, including penile tissue. If you eat dairy products and use penis enlargement methods, the process will be much faster.
  2. Fresh fish. It is a natural aphrodisiac. It contains lots of zinc which boosts synthesis of testosterone.
  3. Nuts. It is an additional source of vitamins and healthful fats.
  4. Melon, carrot, avocado, banana, mango, pumpkin and berries. They stimulate cellular growth.
  5. Celery. It is a source of vegetable substances similar to testosterone.
  6. Porridge. It boosts functioning of the intestine and blood circulation in the lesser pelvis. Additionally, it facilitates blood supply to the genitals.
  7. Vegetable oils. They remove toxins from your body and facilitate digestion of healthful micro elements.

Exercises to increase penis size

Jelqing is the most popular exercise system for penis enlargement. It’s been known in India, Africa and Arabic countries for hundreds of years.

In order to use jelqing you need lube. While doing the exercise your penis must not be fully erect. 60%-75% of your normal erection should be enough. You need to train your penis every day.

  1. Heating. Pre-heat cereals or salt on the frying pan, put it into a small bag and put to your penis from various sides.
  2. Slightly erect your penis using lube. Grab your penis at the base encircling it with your fingers. Move your fingers towards your penis glans very slowly stretching the penis. Repeat the exercise 40 times gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 200.
  3. Take your penis with your palms and squeeze it firmly for 10 seconds. Stretch it upwards, downwards, right and left.

Jelqing is not particularly effective. You will see the initial results in approximately 6 months. Males who choose this technique claim that your penis will grow by maximum 1 cm. However, the process can be made faster if instead of lube you use a special gel for penis enlargement Xtra Man.

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Stretching penis using pendants

Quite a disputable and dangerous method based on mechanical stretching of the corpora cavernosa and ligaments of the penis. Weight makes your penis longer without changing its girth.

How to improve penis size using this method. Pre-heat your penis with massage-like movements. Attach an adhesive plaster to the glans penis and use it to fixate a string. Attach a small weight to the string and keep walking for 15 minutes gradually increasing this time and the weight.

Pump and extender

Extender is a device which can not only make your penis slightly bigger but also straighten it up. Extender is an orthopaedic mechanism which stretches your penis causing natural growth of the tissues. The extender should remain attached to the penis for several hours every day within 6-12 months. Initially, you might experience mild pain which will disappear in 3-4 sessions. Unfortunately, the effect produced by the extender is not life-long. The penis will return to its initial size in 1-3 months after you stop using the device.

Vacuum pump features a similar effect. It really looks like an air pump. Air pressure which boosts blood circulation makes your penis grow bigger. The pump should be used daily over 2-6 months (depending on the initial situation). It’s particularly effective several minutes prior to sexual intercourse. However, as soon as you stop using the pump your best penis size will regain its former length and girth piecemeal.

Gels, ointments and creams for penis enlargement

Currently, there are many penis enlargement remedies which have become available on the market. Some ointments and gels are effective and others are not. According to experts, Xtra Man gel is the most effective product. However, it is not easy to find it in India. The delivery of the gel to India is available via this website only (address).

So if you spot Xtra Man gel in a local store or at a pharmacy, it might be a scam. Moreover, the manufacturer is not selling large quantities of the gel at the moment due to the high cost and uniqueness of 60% of the ingredients contained in the gel.

What you should be really concerned about is hand-made ointments and creams which claim to be able to make your penis bigger. It’s obvious that homemade products are completely ineffective and that the main goal of the vendors is to make money on your issue. Besides, you can easily cause harm to your wellbeing. Homemade products frequently contain toxic components which might cause inflammation, swelling and even purulent infection of your penis.


According to statistics, just 20% of men haven’t heard about plastic surgery for penis enlargement. However, not many men risk going under the knife. It’s a painful procedure with a high risk of complications (including the risk of erectile dysfunction).
Plastic surgery can help increase penis size by 2-4 cm. The result will depend on the initial size and anatomical differences between men.

What happens during the surgery? Cutting the ligament allows the internal part of the penis to move outward. It is then secured. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and the average time for the surgery is 60 minutes. A few days after the surgery, painkillers are prescribed for pain relief. For six months after the surgery, the patient has to wear a special stretching device that prevents the organ from reverting back to its original position. Having sex is prohibited for 2-4 weeks following the surgery.

Stretching with weights

This is a fairly questionable and dangerous technique based on stretching erectile tissue and ligaments of the penis. The weights stretch the penis out, but the girth remains the same.
How to improve penis size with this technique. Warm up the penis by massaging it. Stick a piece of adhesive tape to the head of the penis and attach a shoelace to it. Then, attach a small weight to the shoelace and walk around with it for 15 minutes. Increase the duration and weight gradually over time.

Pharmacological penis enlargement drugs.

Medications for penis enlargement (tablets, capsules, etc.) are sold over the counter at pharmacies and are available through online stores. Millions of men share a dream of making their penis bigger using tablets and avoiding surgery and painful massage. However, the majority of medical practitioners are sceptical about the effectiveness of such pills. Firstly, official drug guides do not include these tablets and capsules. They are usually developed by the manufacturers of shady biologically active supplements at quasi-legal facilities or somewhere even worse.

Sometimes, well-known hormone medications (containing testosterone, growth hormone or their analogues) are sold as penis-enlargement remedies. Synthetic hormones are really capable of improving sexual potency and even making your penis slightly bigger. However, the intake of these tablets should be supervised by your endocrinologist or men’s health professional. Hormonal interference with your body without prior approval of a medical professional might result in serious health issues including thrombosis, grave liver diseases and even potency issues.

Penis extenders

Penis extenders are intended for use during the sex act. They are worn over the head of the penis. The extenders help the female partner experience deeper penetration (an more pleasant sensations!). The head of the penis is less sensitive when the extender is worn. Thus, the duration of the sex act is extended as well.
All of this is great, but there is a big downside. The extender won’t change your natural length or girth. After you remove it, you’ll go back to your original size.
So if you want to enlarge your penis naturally, the safest option is Xtra Man gel. There’s always surgery, but it takes guts and a lot of money.

Enlarging sleeves

Caps for penis enlargement are designed to be used during the intercourse. They are attached to the glans penis. The sleeve allows the female to enjoy deeper penetration (and thus receive more pleasurable experience!). The glans penis becomes less sensitive when a sleeve is attached to it. This allows to make the intercourse last longer.

Along with extension sleeves of standard size there are caps and erection cock rings of various shapes and sizes. Studded, ribbed and spiked devices are able to provide female erogenous zones with additional stimulation and they are the most popular ones.

It all would look picture perfect if not for a big drawback. A sleeve does not improve natural length and girth of your penis. When the sleeve is off, your penis remains of its usual size.

Therefore, if you want to make your penis bigger naturally and do it fast, gel for males Xtra Man is the safest option. Alternatively, there is a surgery which is rather an option for the brave and well-off men.

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