10 enemies of erections and how to beat them

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About Dr. Nagender Kumar

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Bad habits, diseases, and psychological and emotional problems — all of these are possible causes of erectile dysfunction. A lifehacker talks in detail about them and shares advice on how to always stay on the up and up.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

1. Depression

Excitement is caused in the brain and then goes downward. But not in a head stuffed with thoughts about how hard life is. For this reason, depression weakens desire and erections.

What’s even sadder is that many antidepressants also are capable of suppressing sexual attraction, slowing the excitement process, and stunting orgasms.

2. Stress

Stress, like depression, doesn’t facilitate a proper mood. In addition, combined with fatigue — they’re a deadly alliance in bed.

3. Alcohol

It is sneaky. A couple of drinks and you’re in just the right mood. But if you keep going with it, especially strong liquor, and a sexual fiasco threatens you.

Fortunately, the case of a lack of an erection, as a rule, is temporary. But it’s still better to keep yourself in good condition.

4. Drugs

Amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs can cause sexual issues. However, this is far from the worst thing as far as possible consequences from using them.

5. Smoking

What they write on the cigarette boxes is true. Smoking truly raises the risk of erectile dysfunction. So, don’t say you weren’t warned.

6. Medicines

Not only antidepressants, but also other preparations lead to potency issues. Such a side effect can be experienced with pain killers or remedies for normalizing blood pressure. Nevertheless, it’s best to stop taking them only after a doctor consultation.

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7. Anger

It’s hard to think about romance when you’re filled with rage. On top of that, even suppressed anger can ruin your sex life.

8. Anxiety and low self-esteem

First of all, worrying about sexual abilities causes them to go to nothing. Secondly, anxiety for other reasons can complicate things in the bedroom. Lack of confidence exacerbates anxiety.

If you doubt your sexual ability and are worried that you’ll do badly, it’s not surprising for that to actually take place.

9. Excess weight

Plump men have a lower level of testosterone. And it affects both libido and erections. In addition, being plump can cause hypertension and arterial thickening, which can cause less blood to flow to the penis. In any case, overeating is a frequent cause of low self-esteem. And you know what that leads to.

10. Health issues

Various illnesses can affect the nerves, muscles, or vessels that are responsible for erections. Diabetes is related to them, along with high pressure, injuries in the medulla, and disseminated sclerosis. Operations on the prostate or kidney also can render a negative effect.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction

1. Quit your bad habits

First, stop smoking. Secondly, drop the consumption of alcohol or stop drinking liquor at all. Of course, you need to stop doing drugs too. If you can’t do this on your own, request qualified help.

2. Watch your weight

And if you haven’t, then lose weight.

3. Switch to a Mediterranean diet

Since issues with erections are often due to heart disease, switch to healthy food. Stop eating fried food, red meat, and fatty dairy products that raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Instead of those, eat more vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grain products.

With this diet, you can lose weight at the same time.

4. Measure your pressure

You might not realize that you have high blood pressure until you check. Do this regularly and you’ll manage to avoid health issues.

food when playing sports
Good nutrition when playing sports

5. Do sports

Physical activity is good for the cardiovascular system as well as for fighting excess weight and removing stress. You’ll kill three birds with one stone.

Meanwhile, to maintain your sexual health, you don’t need to do tiring exercises. Even a daily 30 minute walk is enough to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction arising.

6. Track your testosterone level

It gradually lowers starting at 30 and from this moment you need to start doing analyses. If you find out that you have low testosterone, the doctor can help you solve this problem.

7. Don’t take anabolic steroids

It would seem that additional testosterone that helps the muscles go couldn’t hurt your erections. But it’s the other way around. While you’re taking artificial hormones, the body will stop producing them on its own. And when you stop using the preparations, you will feel the entire negative effect. And that it’s by any means limited to impotency.


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